Spiritual care in
Slovenian police

Advising police officers and other employees in
moral, ethical and religious policing.

Plan of PVIK-Spiritual care activities on annual level:

1. Assuring of spiritual care for members of the police1, employees of the Ministry of the Interior, family members of the above-mentioned, for retired members of the police and employees of the Ministry of the Interior and for detainees.

1.1. Usual work:
1.1.1. Constant presence-to be always available;
1.1.2. Personal contacts with staff members;
1.1.3. Concern for maintaining respect for every member of staff in the desire to be committed to the service, a successful, efficient, honest person with integrity, satisfied;
1.1.4. Advising on various problems and trials encountered by a staff member;
1.1.5. Representation of spiritual care in PA educational programs and by internal organizational units of the police at all levels2;
1.1.6. Lectures in the religious, moral and ethical fields3;
1.1.7. Participation in various trainings of the police members; for international missions, as well;
1.1.8. Connecting interested religious communities for the welfare of members and staff4;
1.1.9. Administering the sacraments and sacramentals to interested members and keeping them ready to receive;
1.1.10. Providing spiritual care to interested members and employees who are members of other religions – also providing contacts of representatives of specific religions;
1.1.11. Civil marriages;
1.1.12. Regular meetings with leaders in the police and the Ministry of the Interior to improve and upgrade the conditions for spiritual care;

1.2. Visiting members on missions abroad;

1.3. Worship, ceremonies, mourning:
1.3.1. On the day of PVIK-spiritual care;
1.3.2. On the days of individual units;
1.3.3. Light of Peace;
1.3.4. On other occasions;

1.4. Cooperation with the Slovenian Army and VVIK;

1.5. International cooperation with other police, armies and religious communities abroad:
1.5.1. Lourdes-international meeting-pilgrimage of police officers and soldiers;
1.5.2. Other international cooperation;

2. Education and training of members of PVIK-spiritual care:

2.1. PVIK-Spiritual Care Coordination Conference;
2.2. Theological course;
2.3. Participation in trainings of other religious communities;

3. Cooperation with other state agencies, other organizations and associations, …:

3.1. Cooperation with ministries;
3.2. Cooperation with the UE;
3.3. Cooperation with various associations and other interested participants;

4. Premises for PVIK-spiritual care activities:

4.1. Permanent space for spiritual care in PA (“SPACE OF PEACE”);
4.2. If necessary or at the request of PVIK-spiritual care, the heads of internal organizational units at all levels provide space for one-time or occasional implementation of spiritual care;

1 Members of the police are police officers, other members of the police, candidates for police officers and auxiliary police officers;
2 and 3 With the cooperation and assistance of interested religious communities;
4 In the Council of Interested Religious Communities;